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Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice



Intense sexual Desire and Obsession

Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice, Now what I am going to tell you about is going to bring about a power change in your life. It will wash away year of frustration and humiliation. It will put you in the position where you are finally in control of the dating game.

By the end of this video you will have the power to trigger massive biological attraction that a woman cannot resist, a back door secrete previously known only to those on the inside, that lets you avoid rejections and have woman crawling on their knees to sleep with you.   

Online Dating Advice

young couple kissing, close up

Online Dating Advice

I will show you hidden communication mechanisms that creep below surface of every conversation these are unknown to 99% of men

You will learn how to send a woman’s attraction sensors into over drive, and the 3 most important and dangerous mistake 88% of men make when trying to meet, date and sleep with a high quality woman and how to avoid these mistakes.

So watch this video right now, for leading her every step into the bedroom, this can be done because I have developed a system that allow me to get these results anytime anywhere, in library,  in cafeteria, in night clubs,  on a bus and I share these skill with countless men.

All the shape, size, colors, age, education, and economic background, and they are now getting the same mind-blowing results with the women all they have always desired.

Online Dating Advice

Tripp Advice

. . . discover how to attract beautiful women and stand out from the competition.


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young couple kissing, close up

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20 Ways To Be More Interesting To Women

Online Dating Advice

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20 Ways To Be More Interesting To Women

One of the most common questions I get from men is this…

“Tripp. How can I attract a high quality woman?”

And the answer I usually give is this…

“By becoming a more interesting man.”  

Today, I’m going to give you 20 ways to make yourself a more interesting man. Use this as a reference you come back to whenever you want to work on building a more attractive lifestyle.

If you follow just a few of these ideas, I guarantee you’ll become much more interesting and attractive to women. Especially the high quality ones.

Online Dating Advice

1. Learn How To Cook

If you know how to cook a good meal then you already have multiple date ideas lined up. Women think men who cook are sexy because they are few and far between. Pick up some ingredients and start messing around in the kitchen. Bonus points if you know how to pair wine with each course.

2. Travel

A man that has been across the world has many interesting stories. As easy as it is to get around the world these days, it’s not easy to take the time and money to roam around different continents. Find time to visit different places and learn about new cultures.

3. Take A Dance Class

Online Dating Advice

If you can dance then your sexy meter goes up at least 5 notches. Women know that if a man can dance, he’s probably good in bed. Get some salsa lessons and take a woman out dancing on the town. She won’t forget it.

4. Be Constantly Growing

Interesting people have a well-rounded lifestyle because they dabble in different areas. The way to do that is to always be challenging yourself. Constantly have a goal you’re trying to accomplish. Always be working toward something. A good place to start is this list. Pick something and stick with it.

5. Learn A New Language

Just two is enough, but the more the better. If you can communicate with others of different backgrounds than you can create more connections and more stories. Get a Rosetta Stone and pair this up with #2 to kill two birds with one stone.

6. Know How To Build Stuff With Your Hands

Online Dating Advice

A chair. Computers. Houses. Train sets. No matter what the size, being crafty is a great skill and one that makes you way more interesting than the average man. Women think it’s attractive when a man knows how to use his hands (and not just on her).

7. Have Passion About Something

Passion is a sexy trait. When you care about something deeply it shows others that you have purpose. There is something comforting in that and it’s contagious. Be more interesting and find a passion for yourself.  Online Dating Advice If you’re having trouble finding one then start with something on this list.

8. Make People Laugh

The funny guys usually get a lot of attention, because everyone likes to laugh. You will be more interesting if you can make jokes and have fun with people. If you don’t know how to be funny then watch a lot of stand up and start practising your delivery. It’s not easy, but with enough work you can get somewhere.

9. Offer New And Different Perspectives

Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice

Sometimes all you need to be more interesting is to offer somebody a new perspective. This can be done by opening their mind up to new ideas and taking a different angle on certain topics. For example, share something interesting you learned that day and why you thought it was cool. Online Dating Advice Which brings me to the next one on the list.

10. Be Well Informed

Keeping up to date on, events, politics, sports, science, culture, and technology is key to holding meaningful conversation. If you’re always in the know, then whenever somebody brings up a topic, you can easily chime in. Online Dating Advice Read the news and stay up to date on the important stuff going down.

11. Have A Unique Style

This idea can come in many forms. The way you present yourself can say a lot of interesting things about you. Do you have tattoos? Do you where glasses you bought from Europe? Are you always fashionable? Online Dating Advice Create an interesting persona and stay away from any bland options if you want to stick out.

12. Go On Adventures

Online Dating Advice

Taking on new adventures not only wakes you up from the everyday grind, but also adds to your life experience. Knowing the right time to amp up a normal activity into an adventure attracts women like no other. Online Dating Advice Make a random errand turn into a scavenger hunt. Go camping in an area you’ve never been. If you want to be more interesting, then start taking life by the balls.

13. Explore Your Artistic Side

The arts come in many forms: painting, photography, music, drawing, crafting and much more. If you can take on one of the aforementioned as a hobby then you will already stand out among the rest of the men out there who just sit and watch TV all day. Branch out and create new projects for yourself. Online Dating Advice Pick up a new instrument and play the songs you like to hear. Get creative.

14. Be Athletic Or Active

You don’t have to be the best basketball player or super weight lifter, but living an active lifestyle will definitely help you be more interesting. Pick up new activities like surfing, yoga, or rock climbing. Join fun leagues such as intra-murals, co-ed football, or meet-up groups that get together and go hiking. These are also great ways to meet friends and especially meet some cute girls. Online Dating Advice

15. Be Sensitive

Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice

Women like men that are sensitive and open. It’s a quality that not a lot of men show because they are worried what others may think. Showing your sensitive side gives you more character. When an appropriate time arises don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Be able to discuss deeper topics and stay away from the everyday boring conversation. Online Dating Advice

16. Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is sometimes confused with being adventurous. They are not the same thing. It’s one thing to plan an adventurous activity, but it’s another to do something fun and exciting on a whim. Not everyone can handle being spontaneous, but if it’s a characteristic you possess, you stand out from the others. Call a girl up and suggest a road trip out of the blue. Change plans to something more exciting last minute. Do the things that you want to do, when you want to do them. Online Dating Advice

17. Have Interesting Conversations

You ever hear somebody say, “Wow, I just had the most interesting conversation?” You want that to happen after someone talks to you. That’s what they should be saying. #10 and #15 will help you out with this. Know random facts about stuff. Be ready to talk about the deep stuff that nobody really discusses when you first meet someone. These are what make for a memorable conversation. If you follow my twitter feed you’ll find that I tell guys to research specific facts about random things a few times a week. Now you know the reason. Online Dating Advice

18. Ask Unique Questions

Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice

This is similar to #17, because it lies in the realm of conversation, but it’s an important factor on it’s own. When you are getting to know somebody don’t bother with the basics (what do you do for a living? where are you from? etc.) Eventually you’ll get to those. But, for now, ask interesting questions, like “if you could be anywhere right now where would it be?” or “when’s the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed?” People love to answer these types of questions (especially about themselves). Online Dating Advice

19. Be Well Read

One way to open your mind is to read all types of books. A nice blend of fiction and non-fiction is the way to go. If you read 30 pages everyday in the morning then you can finish an average book (200-250 pages) in about a week. That’s around fifty books in one year! Have you read that many books in your life? Imagine all the endless knowledge you’d have in that skull if you stuck with it. Online Dating Advice

20. Be Open Minded

How easy is it to say “no?” Very. But, what about saying “yes?” It’s harder to yes because that means you have to do something. Nobody likes to “do something.” Well, that’s not what makes you interesting. Instead, start to plan and create activities you’ve never tried. If a friend is doing something you’ve never done, go with them! The more you say yes, the more you will experience, and the more depth you will create as an individual. Online Dating Advice

You don’t need to do everything on this list to be more interesting. There’s a lot on here and if you try to do them all, you’ll probably get overwhelmed.

My advice is to pick a few at a time and start changing your lifestyle. If you can knock out a little more than half on this list, then you’re on your way.

The whole point of this, is to stand out from all of the average guys who don’t have the desire or motivation to work hard to be somebody awesome. Online Dating Advice

It’s the interesting ones who live a more fulfilled life and get the women they want.

Online Dating Advice


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